I love seeing these guys perform live! Always a great time! Energy is infectious!”

— Mike Roth- Film maker "Gabe the Wolf"

Fire It Up

About Fire It Up


When the curtains on stage open up to reveal; a lead singer brandishing a keytar being played like it should never lay on a stand, a bassist pumping out groovy bass lines like a relic of Funkadelic, a drummer creating thunderous beats with all the frantic energy of the Muppets Animal, and a guitarist finding his perfect balance between shredding and harmonizing to bring it all together, then you have in front of you Chicago's own Fire It Up.  

Fire It Up is compromised of four members; Rolando Medina on vocals and keys, JP Castaneda on drums, Louie Soto on bass, and Jonathan Masek on guitar.  While their home base is firmly rooted in Chicago, their style of music is definitely a broad mix of styles, genres, and personal influences.  

Sometimes described as being in a similar vein with that of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, and Depeche Mode.  With each new addition to their musical library shows a glimpse of a deeper eclectic style that they have only reached the surface in scratching.  Unifying each track is a deep rooted emotion and passion which is what Fire It Up is all about in their music.   

Fire It Up is currently working hard in the studio recording their first full length LP.  Hot off the heels of a show stealing, encore rousing performance at the House of Blues, FIU is looking to connect with their fans like never before by releasing more music, connecting and chatting with fans on social media, and the launch of their FIreItUpMusic page to create a platform for their content.  

"Honestly we have been good at making music but up to this point we have sucked when it comes to giving people something to really sink their teeth into.  We don't want to waste any momentum any longer and look forward to growing as artists and hopefully have an audience around to witness and hopefully enjoy that growth" said the lead singer Rolando.  

Jp added "We have fun making music and being on stage, if we can capture that in our recordings and show it through our live shows then our fans should be in for a hell of a ride! HAHAHAHA!"

Press Photos

The boys of Fire It Up posing for album cover for "Amplified"

The boys of Fire It Up posing for album cover for "Amplified"

Headlining the House of Blues

Headlining the House of Blues

Rehearsal room jam

Rehearsal room jam

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